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The World Is a Vast, Wide Open Space Bursting With Wonder, Opportunity, and Adventure!

The RV lifestyle is much more than just a way of living! It’s inspiration, motivation, and a total life adventure.

Whether you’re planning the ultimate bucket list trip, want to experience amazing travel adventures, or need a complete lifestyle change, we’ve got you covered!

Our mission is to motivate and empower you to discover adventure, live by faith, and travel to inspire your passion.

The Journey Begins With You!

Adventure Begins In Your Soul

Are you looking for a little travel inspiration? I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Traci, writer, photographer, and full-time nomad. I’ve always had a passion for adventure and felt a little nomadic at heart – never claiming to be from one place or another.

Growing up in a small town, my life always felt small, limited, and quite insignificant. Yet, I questioned the world around me and wondered if there was more to the story than what my small town had to offer.

In 2007, when all seemed lost I met and married my soulmate, my best friend, who taught me to believe in the meaning of my own self-worth. Through his love and encouragement, I embraced my true self and began to live again!

Our journey is one of discovery, finding faith in adventure, and having the courage to keep moving forward even though the end destination is unknown. 

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