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Thousand Trails: A Complete RVers Guide

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Have you ever considered joining an RV Club or an RV Membership Discount Program to save money on campground fees? Better yet, do you currently have an RV membership plan, but feel totally confused about how it actually works? When we began researching different RV Club Memberships, saving money on campground fees was priority number one!

  • Passport America – RV club that allows camping in many popular campgrounds at 50% of the normal cost.
  • Harvest Hosts – Membership allows RVers to stay overnight at over 1,400 businesses around the country.
  • Boondockers Welcome – Membership that allows RVers to boondock or dry camp on private property for free.
  • Escapees RV Club – RV club that has several benefits including mail service, campground savings, and RV roadside assistance.
  • Thousand Trails – Cost varies depending on the membership plan you choose.

Our First Year Of Membership

After speaking with several representatives, we decided to try a Thousand Trails Membership for our first year. We were completely sold when we learned we could be a part of a fantastic community of RVers and would save a little cash in the process. As full-time RVers, living on a budget, and saving money on camping fees is always on our minds!

During the first year of owning our Thousand Trails Membership, we’ve stayed at some really great parks, and… a few not-so-good parks. Most of all, we learned quite a bit about our RV membership plan and what it means to be a Thousand Trails Member. This complete RVers Guide To Thousand Trails Membership is everything we’ve learned!

In doing so, we hope that if you decide to purchase a Thousand Trails Membership that you let them know that Travis and Traci LeBlanc referred you! Our Membership number is #298876910.

Please contact Jim and Brandy Reneau at 770-622-4188 or email them at brandy_reneau@equitylifestyle.com, for more information.

Aerial View Crystal Isle RV ResortAerial View Of Crystal Isles RV Resort, FL

What Is A Thousand Trails Membership?

Thousand Trails is a unique network of RV resorts and campgrounds. The locations are split between retail parks, known as Encore Parks, and membership style campgrounds. Thousand Trails/Encore began in 1969 and has grown to have over 200 locations nationwide. Many are located along the coast of the US, often situated near prime travel destinations like Orlando, Pennsylvania, Las Vegas, and many more!

Thousand Trails Encore Park Locations

You are never bored at a Thousand Trails or Encore Park! Several recreational events are always planned like dinners, parties, live bands, bingo night, and line dancing classes. Best of all, most activities are family-friendly, as Thousand Trails prides itself on building relationships and making memories!

What Does It Mean To Be A Member?

There are four levels of membership with Thousand Trails beginning with the basic Camping Pass. By purchasing the basic Camping Pass, your annual dues are covered! Then, to receive extra perks and benefits, your plan can be upgraded at any time! Each plan has different benefits and is tailored to fit campers of all styles. So, no matter if you’re a weekend camper or a full-time RVer, there is a Thousand Trails membership plan for you! Listed below are the four types of memberships with a few highlights for each:

Thousand Trail Membership Plans & Membership Add-ons

Thousand Trails Camping Pass

  • Includes 5 different zones – Northwest zone, Southwest zone, Midwest zone, Northeast zone, and Southeast zone. (The first zone is included with your annual dues, each additional zone requires an additional fee.)
  • Access to Thousand Trails Parks only.
  • 60-day advance reservation window.
  • Allowed 14 days stay in parks/7 day out of the park system. (Travel exception – if your reservation is no longer than 4 days, you can travel park to park.)

Elite Basic Upgrade

  • Access to ALL Thousand Trails properties. No zones required.
  • 120-day advance reservation window.
  • 21 day stay in the park. (Can book park to park.)
  • Family benefits.
  • Travel club benefits.
  • Cabin & Getaway benefits.

Aerial View Thousand Trails OrlandoAerial View Thousand Trails Orlando RV Resort

Elite Connections Upgrade

  • Access to ALL Thousand Trails properties. No zones required.
  • 180-day advance reservation window.
  • 21 day stay in the park. (Can book park to park.)
  • Additional travel club benefits.
  • Additional cabin & getaway benefits.
  • Upgraded camping benefits.

Ultimate Odyssey Upgrade (Limited Time Only)

  • Access to ALL Thousand Trails properties. No zones required.
  • 180-day advance reservation window.
  • 28 day stay in the park. (Can book park to park.)
  • Allowed 2-holiday reservation bookings.

There are, also, several add-on features that enhance each plan for an additional fee.

The Trails Collection Add-On

  • Access to an additional 100+ locations.
  • 60-day advance reservation window.
  • Allowed 14 days stay in parks/7 day out of the park. No park to park.
  • Low annual fee.

Resort Park International (RPI)

  • Access to an additional 200+ locations.
  • Allowed 7-day stay at RPI locations/14 day stay at RPI preferred locations.
  • Condo and Cruise discounts.
  • Family passes.

Chesapeake Bay RV SiteChesapeake Bay RV Site

Example Membership Option: Basic Camping Pass + Trails Collection

A popular example of a Thousand Trails membership plan consists of the Basic camping pass, plus the Trails Collection add-on.

Membership Option Example

Which Plan Did We Choose?

One of the top reasons Travis and I chose the RV lifestyle was to have the freedom to travel where we wanted, to live minimally, and to save money when we could. Having a Thousand Trails membership allows us to do just that!

We chose to purchase the Elite Connections Membership plan because this option fits our travel style perfectly! It has allowed us plenty of time to advance book, to stay for 21 days at a time in a single park, and gives us the option to travel park to park. We, also, have the added benefit of the cabin & getaway perks! Since we upgraded our Thousand Trails Membership in January 2020, we have saved quite a bit of money on campground fees, staying 183 total days in Thousand Trails or Encore Parks for only $98.00!! Can you BELIEVE that!?!?!

Our Park Cost Breakdown

Our Final Thoughts

Not only have we been able to save money on campground fees, but we have also met some pretty awesome people that have become lifelong friends! We have found a community of RVers that have become like family to us. We always feel safe and secure staying in the parks while keeping busy playing pickleball, listening to live music, and even attending a campfire night! In these trying times, safety has been a top priority for our family. The Thousand Trails Membership was definitely the right choice for us!

I hope I have been able to answer all of your lingering questions on what is a Thousand Trails Membership. Please leave a comment below if you have any further questions!


For more information, please contact Jim and Brandy Reneau at 770-622-4188 or email them at brandy_reneau@equitylifestyle.com! Be sure to let them know that Travis and Traci LeBlanc referred you, and give them our membership number – #298876910.

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