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The RV Lifestyle is rewarding most of the time, challenging some of the time, and to say the least...a total life adventure!

In the beginning, I thought living a nomadic lifestyle was going to be easy, and we were going to be on vacation every day. We would travel the country, experience amazing travel adventures, and life would be SKITTLES and RAINBOWS all of the time.

Whoa! Was I in for a surprise…

Making a lifestyle change, possibly selling everything (including your forever home), and traveling full-time in an RV may be some of the most exciting; yet, intimidating decisions you will make in your life. 

You may find yourself asking these important questions. Don’t worry… We are here to help!

Will I have to sell my home?

How will I downsize all my stuff?

How will I find the perfect travel destinations?

Can I financially survive living in an RV?

What if I don’t like it?



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Most beginner RVers have questions about the RV lifestyle and no clue where to even start! When Travis and I made the decision to sell our home and travel full-time in our 5th wheel RV, I had NO idea the amazing places we would visit or the challenges we would experience living in a small space.

I mean…Have you ever fit more than one person in an RV bathroom?

Living the RV lifestyle full-time takes work! It’s takes planning, compromise, and communication. These are things we have learned on our journey with the help of friends in the RV community. Now…it’s our turn to share our experiences. We hope by sharing our OUR STORY, we will help prepare YOU for an incredible full-time RV adventure!

Do you want to learn more about our favorite travel destinations? Do you need a few RV lifestyle tips and tricks? Or…do you simply need a little travel inspiration? Well, stick around – you’re in the right place!

Come laugh with us, cry with us, and follow our RV life journey!

The Beginning of our story

We are Travis and Traci LeBlanc, and our story begins in October 2008 when a small-town girl married her big-city boy. In the beginning, we were living what we thought was our forever life in our big house with our big careers, making big money; however, the stress of our daily lives was consuming us.

We were becoming comfortable living our lives under a cloud of complacency, working until all hours of the night, hardly speaking to each other (except about work), and dreaming of a different future. 

Collectively for more than 15 years, Travis and I both worked for the same company. For us, we were dedicated to our careers to the point that our work didn’t end at quitting time. Many nights our work came home with us. Our phones would be by our side, our laptops would be on, our conversations would be about work. Every aspect of our lives revolved around our careers.

something had to change…

And it did…In 2010, Travis was in a major accident that left him in a coma for seven days, a total knee replacement surgery, and later, major back surgery. A year later, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer that left me with radiation treatments, no thyroid, and a wide array of emotional ups and downs. Yet, we continued living the life society told us was “normal”, overcoming the daily stresses of our careers and struggling with major health issues.

We wondered if this was all that life had to offer and began questioning our purpose in life. I’ve always had a passion for writing and a newfound love of photography but never had the time to do either. Travis always wanted to travel, yet all we could manage was our occasional weekend RV camping trips that always came to an end. Week after week, our dream of full-time travel was slipping away! 


Our New Adventure Begins

With open minds, we began researching and watching several YouTube channels about full-time RV travel. We were completely fascinated, and it became a little addiction for us. Instead of our normal tv reality shows, we would watch others taking control of their lives to begin their full-time RV life journey. We talked less about work, and more about how amazing it would be if we could do the same. Of course, we questioned whether or not it could ever happen for us.

Our family thought we were a little crazy and sometimes we felt a little crazy too, but life is full of opportunities. Many people find themselves stuck, not having the courage to make a life change.  For us, this was our opportunity to turn a dream into reality! 

In 2019, the once crazy idea of full-time RV travel became our new adventure in life! We sold our house and everything in it, moved into our 5th wheel RV, and began our full-time RV Life. Our journey has been about discovery, finding faith in adventure, and having the courage to keep moving forward even though the end destination is unknown. It has given us the freedom to travel with the change of the seasons,  to experience amazing travel adventures, and to write about it.



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