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How To Make Your RV Feel Like Home For The Holidays

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Christmas is my favorite time of the year!  From decorating our house with Christmas lights of every color, hanging homemade Christmas ornaments, singing Christmas carols, and watching my favorite holiday Christmas show,  Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer, there’s nothing like feeling the Christmas spirit and sending holiday cheer. Now that the holidays are here,  I’m excited to begin decorating our new home for the holidays. These amazing tips for decorating your RV are inexpensive, super simple, and will make your RV feel like home for the holidays.

Create Family Holiday Traditions

When I was young, my family had tons of holiday traditions. We never put up the Christmas tree before Thanksgiving, we made homemade ornaments and decorations, and we took turns putting the star on the tree every year. I can remember my sisters and I sneaking out of our beds during the wee hours of the morning to catch Santa Claus putting our gifts under the tree, falling asleep in the living room, and waking up to gifts of all shapes and sizes. My dad made us pancakes and we read the Christmas story from “the Big Book”. Our holidays were filled with love and laughter, and the spirit of Christmas filled our home. 

Now that it’s just the two of us and we are traveling full-time in our RV, our holiday traditions have had to change. Never the less, these are my favorite family holiday traditions!

  • Hide a special ornament in the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Whoever finds it the next morning receives a special gift.
  • Replace the Christmas tree topper every year, and gift the prior one to family, friends, neighbors, or a family in need.
  • Collect Christmas ornaments from the places you have traveled.
  • Make homemade hot chocolate and binge watch old Christmas movies.
  • Participate in a Secret Santa gift exchange.
  • Take ugly sweater pictures for sending Christmas Cards.
  • Attend local Christmas lights displays and festivals.

Get A Christmas Tree

In the past, our Christmas tree was always the centerpiece. We would gather to give thanks for our family, and where we would open our gifts on Christmas morning. With limited space in the RV, first, you need to consider where you would like to place your tree, then fill it with lights, ornaments, and the brightest star you can find! 

We began collecting Christmas ornaments this year as we traveled and visited new places. The tradition of collecting ornaments for our tree will help us remember where we’ve been, the adventures we’ve had, and will remind us that life is always a journey! Whether you get a real tree, a fake tree, or a small one that sits on your table, getting a Christmas tree for your RV is the first step in decorating for the holidays.

Make Homemade Christmas Ornaments And Decorations

According to Good Housekeeping, shopping for Christmas ornaments and decorations may be convenient, but there are several benefits to making your own. The best way to fill your home with the Christmas spirit is to take the time to personalize it and make your own holiday decorations. 

I’ve never been a crafty person, but I wanted to try my DIY skills on a few Christmas decorations this year. Not all turn out well, but these Holiday Snow Globe Candle Holders were quick and easy to make, inexpensive, and turned out super cute!

Holiday Snow Globe Candle Holders

Materials Needed

  • 2 Wine Glasses 
  • Faux Snow 
  • Miniature Christmas Village Accessories
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • DIY Thick Cardboard
  • 2 Candles
  • Scissors


  • Place wine glasses on top of the cardboard, and cut cardboard to size. Leave ½ inch of extra space, so that the glass fits flush on top of the cardboard.
  • Set wine glasses aside.
  • Glue the miniature Christmas Village Accessories to the center of the cardboard and let dry. Be creative! Use your choice of accessories, but remember they have to fit inside the wine glass.
  • Fill the wine glasses with a small amount of faux snow.
  • Take the cardboard with the village accessories, turn it upside down, and place it on top of the wine glass. Make sure the accessories fit inside the glass and the cardboard sits flush on the glass.
  • While holding the cardboard in place, turn the glass over so that it is now upside down.
  • Use the hot glue gun to glue the cardboard to the wine glass. Use a liberal amount of glue so that the glass doesn’t move.
  • Let dry, then place candles on top of the wine glass stem base.

Congratulations! You just made a Holiday Snow Globe Candle Holder. There will be a small amount of cardboard that will be visible; however, this can be easily covered with holiday garland or small Christmas lights.

Send And Receive Christmas Cards

I’ve never been one to send Christmas cards! It always seemed like a hassle, taking time to takes pictures, addressing envelopes, and bringing them to the post office. Now I’m feeling like that was such a silly excuse! How much time does it really take to send a card in the mail? Whether you buy Christmas cards in bulk to mail to a group of people at the same time or purchase individualized cards, Christmas cards are a great way to let your family, friends, and coworkers know you’re thinking about them during the holiday season. 

Give and Volunteer 

Gift-giving has always brought me joy! I love the shopping, the wrapping, and the happiness on the faces of those who receive the gift. There are so many people, children, and families, who are in need every year. Why not spread blessings to those in need? Donating to organizations like Toys for Tots and Operation Christmas Child, and volunteering in the local area is the best way to spread the holiday spirit! 

Many times we get so caught up in the stress of a “perfect” Christmas that we forget the true meaning of the holidays. Christmas is much more than sparkly lights or grand presents. It’s a time of reflection, thanksgiving, and love.

 I hope these tips for making your RV feel like home for the holidays will inspire your holidays this year! So, from our family to yours Happy Holidays!

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