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You Were Meant for Something More

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So glad you're here! 

Growing up in a small town, my life always felt limited, confined, and quite insignificant. In fact, many people who lived there never left (or if they did), they always came back. 

I was taught deep-rooted Southern values - to love God, the community, and each other. Yet, I questioned the world and wondered if there was more to my story than what my small town had to offer. 

Like you, I knew I was meant for something more! So, if you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and take a journey with us - this is the beginning of our story.

meet traci

Hi friends!

xoxoxo, Traci

this is the beginning...

We are Travis and Traci LeBlanc, and our story began in October 2008 when a small-town girl married her big-city boy.

We were living what we thought was our forever lives in our big house with our big careers, making big money. We were dedicated to our careers to the point that our work didn’t end at quitting time. 

Many nights our work came home with us. Our phones would be by our side, our laptops would be on, and our conversations would be about how stressed we were at work. 

Every aspect of our lives revolved around our careers, and we were becoming comfortable living under a cloud of complacency and regret.

Little did we know how much things would soon change.

Shortly after we were married, our lives and relationship were tested in a major way.

In 2010, Travis was in a devastating accident that left him in a coma for seven days. In the hospital, I struggled with fear, hopelessness, and an incapability to do anything about it.

I questioned my faith, my purpose, and my will to go on without the love of my life. By the grace of God, he eventually came back to us only to receive more life altering news one year later (God wasn’t done with us yet)! 

I felt lost, overwhelmed, and need I say, angry that we already had to endure so much.

Instead of seeing a world full of possibilities, I saw loss, defeat, and failure. Even more, I felt as though we were running out of time to fulfill our life’s purpose.

at 34 years old, i was diagnosed with cancer.

The struggle is real

We’ve always had a passion for adventure and felt a little nomadic at heart - never claiming to be from one place or another. 

Yet, we continued living the life society told us was normal. Measuring our own self-worth by what others thought, by how much success we had in our careers, and by how perfect we portrayed our lives to be.

I remember coming home from work, exhausted, frustrated, and stressed to the max. Instead of our normal TV reality shows, Travis was watching YouTube (something we had never done before).

He found a channel about a family who sold everything and began traveling full-time in an RV. After several hours and a bowl full of popcorn, we slowly looked at each other and just smiled!

Could this be what had been missing in our lives? Could the RV lifestyle actually be a possibility for us?

Right then…right there, we made a decision that would change our lives forever.

✓ We would no longer live our lives in fear.
✓ We would no longer hide our passions from the world.  
✓ And we would do something about it.

until you begin living your passion

So, in 2019, the once crazy idea of traveling full-time in an RV became a reality, and our new life adventure. 

Many people find themselves stuck , not having the courage to take that dream vacation or make that lifestyle change. I’m here to tell you it’s possible…with a little inspiration, motivation, and planning.
Today, we have the privilege to travel to some amazing places, experience fun travel adventures, and live life without regret - making memories, and sharing our journey with you.

Our mission is to help you discover adventure, live by faith, and travel to inspire your passion. 

Are you ready?

the rough years in the middle

✓ We would no longer live our lives in fear.

✓ We would no longer hide our passions from the world.  

✓ And we would do something about it.

until one day we said, "no more!"


favorite things

Cold nights snuggled by the fire

A hot cup of coffee & a good book

good friends & happy hour


favorite things

Mountain views outside my window

A glass of wine & playing the guitar

good times with great friends

So... what's next?

Don’t let fear and self-doubt hold you back from living your passion. Instead, be bold, courageous, and above all, adventurous.

Whether you need help planning your next bucket list trip, looking for the best road trip ideas or need to make a complete lifestyle change - we've got a solution for you.

We're dedicated to sharing the best places to travel in the US, tips for living the RV lifestyle, and much more to provide the inspiration you need to create your own life-changing travel adventure. 

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